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seeking someone to replace insulation in basement ceiling for hourly rate

We are looking for someone ( ideally a team of two) to remove fiberglass insulation from our basement ceiling  ( which is being used to insulate radiant floor heating) and to replace it with staple up reflective roll insulation.  When we had radiant floor heating installed, they incorrectly put in fiberglass insulation into the basement. We then learned over time that reflective roll insulation is better. We then incorrectly  installed that OVER the fiberglass- and then realized afterwards that it would be better to remove the fiberglass first. So now we want to find someone to pull down the reflective roll insulation, pull out and take away the fiberglass, and then put up new reflective roll insulation. It is all on an exposed basement ceiling with no covering over it. We did contact the insulation companies but their prices were ridiculous for this basic job., so we want to find two people who can do this for a reasonable hourly rate.  Email We would like this done over the next month’s time. Thank you