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State Reps Host Online District Meeting

Vermont State Representatives Mike Mrowicki and Nader Hashim will again offer a Community Zoom meeting for constituents of the Windham 4 District of Putney, Dummerston and Westminster.

While the weather is warming and gardens are calling, (along with other outdoor activities), your local Reps are still working on Legislative work, and want to keep you updated. Joining them for this meeting will be our own state Senator Jeanette White, with the Senate perspective on what’s happening on statewide and local concerns.

Vermonters are taking seriously the Stop the Spread Action and showing some of the best results in the nation. We also continues to take tiny steps to open the doors to more activity outside. As we do, we do want to hear whether you feel we’re taking the right path in going slow, along with increased testing.

We also want to hear questions, comments and suggestions on other concerns. Whether it’s that you’ve lost a job and your health insurance, trying to find emergency food or trying to navigate some other aspect of State Government(like Unemployment benefits ) and it’s not working, we want to hear from you. Also, if you’re asking for someone else or you need help sooner, feel free to try the email below.

As in the past, for security purposes, we ask that you email for sign in information to the meeting, at;