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Storm Update from Green Mt. Power

Update from Candace Morgan at Green Mt. Power- with gratitude to the workers out there in this weather;
“There have been many outages in Putney and much of the surrounding area from the heavy, wet snow that fell. Crews were out working and restoring outages today, with more events coming in throughout the day. Much of the focus was on clearing roads of downed lines and trees to make sure emergency crews and vehicles could move about safely. Some crews will continue to work throughout the night, and everyone will be back at it first thing in the morning – alongside additional crews from the region and other utilities so we expect to make good progress tomorrow. However, given the extent of the damage it will be a multi-day event. We contacted our critical care customers to make sure they had what they needed (and will do the same tomorrow).

Please feel free to pass along any specific concerns or locations and I can track down additional information if that is helpful! Hopefully this information is useful as we head into tomorrow, and I can share other specific updates for restoration times as I get them tomorrow too.”

Please feel free to contact me, if you’re trying to contact GMPower and are unable to;