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Storm Warning

All this snow and now possibly all this rain! The fury of Mother Nature. First, thank you to the Putney Community for handling the first major snowstorm of the season as true Vermonters. The Highway Department did a great job keeping the roads cleared and open for mobility which is their first and foremost priority. Sidewalks were cleared shortly after with the sidewalk plow. Sidewalks are secondary to roads. They are cleared and sanded when time allows. As for the piles of snow that are typical every year, they are not always easy to access because of traffic. Patience is a virtue. For those who offer assistance and for those who take action to clear sidewalks and piles of snow, thank you. Your effort does not go unnoticed.

Warning to the Putney community from December 24 – December 26,2020; the National Weather Service is forecasting high winds, rain, snow melt and flash freezing. There is a potential for several inches of rain. This may create flash flooding. You can assist by clearing private driveway culverts if it intersects with a town road. This will alleviate potential washouts. If you have or know there is a culvert near your property look to see it is clear. Any flooding or washouts should be reported to the Highway Department at 387.5730. Leave a message if you get voice mail. Messages can be left at the Town Manager’s office 387.5862 x11. The Fire Department is our third line of defense at 387.4372. In case of an emergency always dial 9-1-1.

There is a wind warning for our area as well. If you come upon a tree across wires, stay away and call one of the numbers above. Power outages and wires down please contact Green Mountain Power at (888) 835-4672. Keep in mind, crews may be busy during this storm.

In a long year of challenging times, may we all have a safe and healthy holiday season!


Karen M. Astley
Town Manager