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Instructions to submit a story

Here are a few tips how to submit a story, lising or event to iPutney. The website is for everyone in the community and we encourage everyone to participate:


You must register and log in

Before you can submit a story, you must be registered on iPutney.  This is to control the amount of spam we get.  Since we recently changed the software that runs iPutney, you will need to register again.  Your old iPutney password will no longer work.  To register, go to:

Register on iPutney

An email will be sent to you to confirm you are a human.  Click on the link in the email and you will be all set. (Note that if you wish to change your password to something easy to remember, you can Update Password Here).

If you already have an iPutney login, you can log in here:

Login to iPutney


How to submit a story

Once you are registered and logged in, click on “Submit a Story” at the top left of the screen on iPutney.  You can then:

Upload a photo: This is optional.  If you have one, please share it.  The size is not important.

Title:  Give the story a title.  Best not to use all capital letters.

Categorize the story:  Select the best category for your story to help people find it.

Body of the story: Type or paste the body of the piece in the large text box.


After all this, simply click on the “Submit Post” button.  Your story will be sent to iPutney moderators who will review your submission and put it live on iPutney. This normally takes less than a day.


If you have questions, please Contact Us.