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Taxes and Utility Payments: Alternative Payment Methods Available

If you would like to pay your Property Tax or Utility Bill with a credit card or electronic check you may do so here.
Please note: There is a fee associated with this service.
Checks: flat fee of $1.75 regardless of amount paid.
Credit card and debit card: flat fee of $1.95 will be charged to any amount up to $78.00. For charges exceeding $78 there is 2.5% fee (ex: $80=$2 fee, $100=$2.50 fee, $500=$12.50 etc.) These fees are not collected by the Town of Putney.
Web link:{435BD451-CAA7-4A77-ADEB-6A909B15CBFB}

You may also set up a direct debit from your checking or savings account. This is a recurring debit and will be used to pay your taxes and or utilities on the day they are due.

Web link:

Traditional ways to pay still apply. Please use the USPS and drop your payments in the door slot at Town Hall.