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“The Betrayal of the Kurds:” A firsthand report from Northeast Syria by Ambassador Peter Galbraith

On Friday, Nov. 8th at 7:30 pm, in the Sanctuary of the Centre Congregational Church, Windham World Affairs Council will present an important and timely firsthand report on the situation in Northeastern Syria by Ambassador Peter W. Galbraith. Galbraith will focus on the betrayal of the Kurds and its consequences. He will discuss President Trump’s “green light,” the Turkish invasion, the Rojava revolution, Russia’s triumph and the loss of American dominance in the Middle East and what it means for ISIS. He will also cover his efforts to get children out of the ISIS camps in NE Syria.

Our Community is very fortunate in having access to individuals with firsthand knowledge to enlighten us on international issues. On October 25th Clare Morgana Gillis, who worked as a foreign correspondent in Syria, gave WWAC’s previous talk on ISIS propaganda and the captured foreign ISIS fighters in vulnerable Kurdish jails. Now Ambassador Galbraith will complete the picture by focusing on the betrayal of the Kurds.

Peter W. Galbraith has had a remarkable history with the Kurds, and since 2014 has made a number of trips to northern Syria because of his long-standing ties with the Kurdish people. As he prepares to depart for a conference in Brussels, Ambassador Galbraith has offered to share with the WWAC community his views on the situation of the Kurds in Northeastern

For more detail on Galbraith’s views and to read his recent article in the New York Review of Books on this issue, please visit the WWAC web site: