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The Center for Digital Art Presents: International Man of Misery, Jerry Paper

On November 20th, musical performance artist and video game collaborator Lucas Nathan (aka Jerry Paper) will present his latest body of work at The Center for Digital Art.

Jerry Paper’s newest album “Big Pop For Chameleon World” (Orange Milk Records) is his sixth release in two years and second record to be pressed to vinyl this year. The album also acts as the soundtrack for an interactive game “Dr. Javier Genneheigen’s Chameleon World”. The evening will begin with Jerry Paper demoing his new game, followed by local acts Peter’s Window and Ruth Garbus, and conclude with a performance by Jerry Paper.

Self described as the “11th dimensional entity that inhabits Lucas W. Nathan’s body”, Jerry Paper is Nathan’s newest incarnation. Formerly known as Zonotope, Nathan’s Jerry Paper stems from a long-standing fascination with the concept of “direct experience”. As he explained in a recent interview with The Fader, “Musical sounds act as symbols, but they carry information that can bypass linguistic processing… I wanted to investigate that freaky idea.” “Dr. Genneheigen’s Chameleon World” places you in Jerry Paper’s game using Nathan’s likeness as your host-body through a psychedelic quest to rid yourself of impurities with the ultimate goal of transcendence. Throughout the game you may encounter chameleons dressed as clowns, gangster cockroaches, rainbow peace signs raining down from above and, in some cases yourself.

Attendees will have a chance to play “Dr. Javier Genneheigen’s Chameleon World” at The Center for Digital Art on Thursday, November 20th. Demonstrations of the game will begin at 7:00PM followed by music starting at 8:00PM. The event is $8. For more information on Jerry Paper and his music, visit The Center for Digital Art is a nonprofit educational organization, resource center, and exhibition/performance space located on the third floor of the Cotton Mill Hill in Brattleboro. For more information on classes or events at CDA, visit