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Theft of Wood Chips from Putney Community Garden

Something happened at the Putney Community Garden today that has us sad, angry and baffled. One of our members saw a blue truck haul away a truckload of wood chips this afternoon around 1:00pm. The gardener went to get a pencil so he could take their license plate number down, but they left before he was able to.Two guys in their 40’s, both with long hair, one with a ponytail. drove right up to the pile and filled their truck.

It would be hard to believe that these two men thought that the chips were there for anyone to take. We operate the garden on a tight budget and we work hard to keep the garden looking nice so that visitors (both local and out of state) enjoy and appreciate how we care for the land. That includes maintaining our paths with these quality wood chips that we buy from from Allard Lumber in Brattleboro.

If anyone witnessed this or has any information, please email me me. And if either of the men happen to read this, please return our wood chips!