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Thursday at Putney Library–Astrology, what it can do for you (and what it can’t)

Astrology, what it can do for you (and what it can’t)

Many people read their daily horoscope in the newspaper or have some vague idea of what their astrological sign says about their personality, but what else can be gained by understanding the art of astrology? Join local astrologist Linda Guzynski at Putney Public Library on May 25th at 7pm for a discussion of what astrology can, and can’t, do for you! Guzynski has over 20 years of experience reading astrological charts and leading dream groups.
She says:
Most of our thinking emanates from the unconscious mind. Equations of rational science do little to touch our subconscious patterns. Astrology is an art that speaks in the native tongue of the subconscious, the language of myth and metaphor.
Though we are embodied in 3 dimensions on Earth, we are multidimensional beings that have manifested into the solar system. The periodic cycle of planets happens as much within us as it does outside of ourselves.
Astrology is best used as a tool for self-awareness. Opportunities can be surmised based on the state of the orbs, but the predictive aspect of astrology is tricky. As long as we have an understanding of our patterning, we can make the choices, if we don’t understand our subconscious, then our patterns will make the choices.

Putney Public Library is located at 55 Main St in Putney, VT. This event is free and open to the public.