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Town Manager Press Release-Putney Town Pool

P.O. BOX 233 PUTNEY, VT 05346
Tel. 802-387-5862 Fax 802-387-4708


As we all anticipate the Governor’s re-opening of the state’s economy, along with some of the simple enjoyments of life, such as recreational pools, it is with deep regret that the Putney Public Pool will not open at this time.

Our office is working swiftly to seek options and estimates to repair the community pool. One hardship with repair at the start of a pool season is scheduling a company that would be able to start the repair. Most pool companies are extremely busy at the moment installing and opening pools.

The second hardship is the pool will require major repairs that may not be financially feasible nor in the budget to meet 2020 summer opening.

A mutually agreed decision was made by the Selectboard and the Town Manager last evening (June 3, 2020) that the current condition of the pool makes it impossible to open at this time. Estimates, options and means to finance repairs will be sought.

The Selectboard and Town Manager will revisit the pool discussion once information is readily available. We are optimistic and realistic.


Karen M. Astley
Town Manager