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Town of Putney Seeking Volunteers for Putney Energy Committee

Are you a Putney resident that is interested in Energy Conservation and would like to volunteer some of your time to serve on a Town Committee? We would love to hear from you.

As an Ad Hoc committee, the current Putney Energy Committee (PEC) has completed several projects and have served the Town well over the last several years. For a list of those projects please visit The current PEC and the Selectboard recently met and agreed that it is the right time to establish a new official Town committee.

The Selectboard will be forming a five (5) to nine (9) member committee, with a scope of activities ranging from assessing energy conservation measures for the Town and making recommendations to educating the public on energy conservation. This will be a newly formed official Town Committee whose first task will be to assess and if necessary, recommend changes to a Policy for the Energy Coordinator and Energy Committee that was adopted in March of 1977.

If you are interested in serving please send a letter of interest, by January 7, 2015, to Cynthia Stoddard, Town Manager at (802) 387-5862 x11 or email at