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Two Contested Seats for Windham Southeast School District Merged Board

Early voting is open. In person voting is on March 3.

There are two three-year seats that are contested for the merged school district board. These seats will set the tone for the next few years. So far the merged (against our will) board has done a tremendous amount of work with much more to come. Seven of the eight members of the current board were strongly against merging which helped this first year of operation to be collaborative rather than contentious. This sense of collaboration is critical for our merged schools to not become like many other areas of the state.

I will provide links to the candidate questionnaires for contested seats and the link for the candidate forum.

Full disclosure. I am running for the contested Putney seat, have strongly opposed merger locally and have been an active participant in a state-wide group that included testifying before the General Assembly as well as attending and participating in the State Board meetings surrounding merger. I still track both the VT House and Senate Education Committees. I am asking for your support. If you have any questions, you can email me at

I strongly support Emily Murphy Kaur for the contested Brattleboro seat. She has done phenomenal work on the board so far, brings much needed skills to the board and was against merging.

The links to the candidate questionnaires are as follows:

Brattleboro contested seat:

Putney contested seat:

Video of candidates forum:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
Liz Adams