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Update From Putney Community Center

There’s good news and bad news from the Putney Community Center. The good news is that the main hall of Putney Community Center, a 501(c)(3) organization and a valuable community resource since 1925, is again available to rent. The bad news is that the Putney Community Center desperately needs operating funds.

During the COVID pandemic, all rentals, including Zumba classes, dog training classes, group meetings, and private gatherings had to be suspended. In addition, Wildflowers Playschool had to close, resulting in further loss of income.

The Putney Community Center, which hosts the Putney Foodshelf, is a separate 501(c)(3) organization. During the pandemic, the Foodshelf expanded temporarily into the main hall of the Community Center in order to provide COVID-safe, drive-up-only service. Although the Foodshelf paid additional rent while using the extra space, the Community Center’s overall income from rentals declined during the pandemic and has not recovered. Meanwhile, the cost of keeping the building open is about $22,000 per year, and costs are increasing. For example, in autumn 2021, the Community Center’s monthly budget oil payment was $181. In autumn 2022, it’s $394.

The Putney Community Center’s hourly rental rate is kept low because we want the space to be affordable for all members of our community. The Foodshelf pays a “friendly” rental rate because we want to support their mission of purchasing and distributing supplemental healthy food to area people in need. Both goals are consistent with the Community Center’s mission of being a community resource.

The Putney Community Center needs your help. We are volunteer-run, and we do not have any paid staff. Donations to the Putney Community Center can be mailed to P. O. Box 337, Putney, Vermont 05346.

For information about renting the main hall, call 802-387-8551 and leave a message, or email

Thank you, and best wishes to all in the new year!

Nancy Olson
President, Putney Community Center Board of Trustees
Putney, Vermont