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UPDATE: Missing Cat on Hickory Ridge Rd S

**UPDATE** December 20th: Possible sighting on Tavern Hill Road in Putney! Our neighbor spotted a cat fitting Timber’s description going into his barn and we found many fresh little cat tracks in the snow in the area of the sighting. If you live in the area, or are driving through, please keep your eye out. If you live in the area, please check for cat tracks around outbuildings or water sources, he may have taken shelter in a barn, shed, car or crawl space. Thank you for your help, and please spread the word!!

Description: Neutered male grey tabby cat missing from Hickory Ridge Rd S. in Putney, between the Grammar School and Putney Student Travel. Went missing on 12-3-17. Cat’s name is Timber, and is somewhat timid. He is 2 years old, brown nose, green-yellow eyes, white rims around eyes and white mouth. Long tail with dark end. Timber is microchipped but has no tags. He is a large cat, with long frame and big bone structure.

If you live in the area, please also check inside any recently opened barns, sheds or cars, cats sometime slip in unnoticed and will get trapped inside.

Have you heard of a friend in Putney recently taking in or feeding a stray? Please pass on this information to them.

Please contact if found or sighted. So worried about this little guy in these cold nighttime temperatures!!

Contact Alicia:
H: 802-387-2101
C: 303-579-5060