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Vermont House Democrats Response to Recent Presidential Election

We have a lot to be proud of as Vermonters.

We pride ourselves on being a community that embraces diversity, that protects the environment which sustains us, and that strives to uphold justice for every person, regardless of the color of their skin, their gender identity or expression, whom they love, whom or what they worship, or whether they were born here or elsewhere.

This November 8th we were shocked by the decision of many in this nation who embraced politics fueled by fear, not compassion; by discord, not unity; and by bigotry, not acceptance.

Our Vermont values stand in direct contrast to the decision made by the American electorate. Fear, discord, bigotry, and hate are inconsistent with all that we have stood for, and will continue to stand for as a state.

Vermont is seen as a leader in the country. It is integral to our identity. We have decades of history standing against hate and intolerance, from being the first state to abolish slavery to being the first state to declare that all people deserve the right to marry, regardless of whom they love. In the wake of this election, Vermont will be looked to once again for our leadership. We will hold up the accomplishments of our past while resolutely opposing any attempt to roll back the rights and liberties that so many have fought so hard to achieve.

The election on November 8th no doubt has changed our country, but it has not changed our values, and in Vermont we will continue to reject misogyny, racism, and bigotry. Discrimination and violence have no place in our State. “Freedom and Unity” is more than our State motto, it is a charge that we embrace without reserve.

We cannot let the divisive platform of the President-elect change who we are. Each of us must stand with our neighbors by refusing to accept any action fueled by intolerance or discrimination, and call out any injustice so that we can join together as a community to denounce it. We must all be active citizens in the fight against oppression. Our cities, towns, and communities, like our hearts, must remain open to all who are seeking shelter from hate

There is no doubt that a Trump Presidency will impact federal support for Vermonters from all walks of life, and we are committed to working diligently with every resource we have, and with all partners nationally and locally to lead our State through the challenges we may face.

As a state we will stand together to reject any efforts that seek to erode the rights, civil liberties, and Constitutional protections that embody the fabric of our democracy. We refuse to move backward and instead will stand as a beacon of progress for this country in the months and years ahead.

We have a lot to be proud of as Vermonters, and we refuse to let that change.

The Vermont House Democratic Caucus

Mike Mrowicki
Vermont State Representative
Windham 4 District -Putney, Dummerston, Westminster