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Vote YES on Article 16 on Town Meeting ballots to make our community more welcoming !

138 Putney residents recently signed a petition to have a Town Meeting vote on a measure urging the Windham County Sheriff to adopt common sense reforms to the County’s Policing Policy. Seven Vermont towns (including Brattleboro) plus the Addison County Sheriff have already adopted these reforms. Vermont’s Attorney General has determined that every single town’s and county’s reforms comply with state law. The reforms plug loopholes in the state’s “Fair and Impartial Policing Policy,” AKA FIPP, which was designed to keep local policing separate from Federal immigration authorities, like ICE. The loopholes have allowed a simple traffic stop for a missing tail light by local officers to lead to Border Patrol being called and the driver being deported. Most impacted are the hard working dairy farm workers whose back breaking labor brings milk to our tables and livelihood to Vermont farmers.

Please consider voting “YES” on Article 16 on the ballots you will receive in the mail this week, urging the Sheriff to adopt these reforms. Early voting begins Feb. 9th !! To learn more, go to: or email: Thank you so much.