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Vt. Secretary of Commerce and Community Development in Putney, Aug. 14

Vermont Secretary of Commerce and Community Development, Michael Schirling, will be part of a community meeting on Wednesday, August 14,2019, from 10:30-12:30, upstairs at the Putney General Store.

As small town businesses are challenged to keep their doors open, it’s important to hear what might help from their perspective – and how the State might be able to provide support and advise, based on what’s worked in other parts of the state and beyond.

For years, the sentiment to have such a meeting has been percolating and during the last legislative session, Putney State Rep, Mike Mrowicki, initiated conversations with Sec. Schirling, which led to this meeting in Putney.

Putney is unique in that, unlike many other small towns in Vermont, we have managed to maintain a village center. Alongside economic sustainability, one of the common goals of addressing Climate Change is to reduce the need for travel for shopping, and foster mixed development in our villages. How we grow our villages and sustain that into the future, is one of the challenges we hope to look at in this meeting.

For more info, feel free to contact Rep. Mrowicki at