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Walter Parks & Rob Curto’s Swampalachian Trail, plus Jason Scaggs on 3/10

Next Stage Arts presents Walter Parks and Rob Curto’s “Swampalachian Trail” on Friday, March 10 at 7:30 pm at Next Stage; Jason Scaggs opens.

Walter Parks, longtime guitarist sideman to Woodstock legend Richie Havens joins accordionist extraordinaire Rob Curto in presenting their self-described “Swampalachian” acoustic and roots style – a blend of reels, hollers, spirituals and blues. Their project reimagines the historic soundtrack to the building of America reminding us all regardless of political and cultural diversity, that whereas we may be bonded by an often painful history, we are nonetheless moved and united in the present day by the love of great music.

In 2020 The American Folklife Collection of The Library of Congress featured and archived Parks’ research work on the music of Southeast Georgia’s Okefinokee Swamp. For this new project with Curto, Parks has modernized the hollers, shaped-note hymns and banjo porch songs performed by the swamp homesteaders. Parks was a founding member of the popular cello/guitar folk duo called The Nudes.

Since relocating to Philadelphia from New York, Curto has been passionately pursuing the Irish button box which has become a defining aspect of Parks and Curto’s swampalachian sound. Curto was a founding member of the “Brazilian Bluegrass” band Matuto, which gained a following across the US, Canada and Europe and more recently he led the accordion-centric American-roots band Fish Harmonics. Curto also currently studies under the tutelage of Irish button accordionist Billy McComiskey.

In their live show Parks and Curto frequently use back-stories to preface songs – be they historic or original compositions or the occasional tributes to Richie Havens.

Opener Jason Scaggs’s music began in heart of Appalachia, his home state of Virginia, and that mountain sensibility shines through his music to this day. The twang of his guitar, much more assertive in his Jatoba days, has since been tempered with the addition of effects, looping, an indie flavor if you will. The pleasing result is a modern, full sound which belies it coming from one person.

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