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Winter Brings the Next Vt. Legislative session

Well, here comes winter and Winter means we’ll soon start 2020 session of Vermont’s Part-time Citizen Legislature. The session starts on January 7, 2020. and runs into early May.

Along with maintaining my year round job, I’ve been busy attending community meetings to bring your voices and ideas to the State House. I also had the privilege of meeting with local students recently and am encouraged to hear their awareness of local and global concerns.
In a Representative Democracy, the role of a Rep is to be a conduit for your voices, and I’ll keep working hard to do so. I

While the country has been in the midst of an Economic Growth period that started in 2009 with President Obama, not everyone has benefitted.
Locally, we see our property taxes keep rising, at a time when the new federal tax laws have created a cohort of millionaires and corporations that pay little or no tax.
When asked about more money for roads and bridges, or education and health care, US Senate leader McConnell has said, there’s no money left for those things.
Those tax breaks for the wealthy are sucking up money and creating an unprecedented peacetime deficit, excluding times of recession.
Just imagine if Washington decided to actually fulfill their commitment on Special Education costs, or provided more help with health care costs, so everyones costs would go down.
There are economic clouds on the horizon that bear watching, and we will.

The other clouds on the horizon are from too much carbon in the air.
Climate Change is a reality to deal with. In the short term, we’re seeing more respiratory problems here, and more Lyme disease as immediate health problems. Long term, rising air and water temps are setting in motion a dynamic that is changing weather, with more frequent and stronger major storms.
The time to act is now, and the Legislature’s Climate Solutions Caucus will be working hard to have Vermont work together with other states to address this global concern.

I’ll ll be sharing regular updates from the State House, during the Session, on the internet,, Facebook, Twitter and through my TV show on BCTV, Montpelier Connections This is available on your TV set and also the Internet, on demand, at

My district mate, Nader Hashim and I, will also meet regularly for “Coffee Hours”, in each of the three towns in the Windham 4 district, of Putney, Dummerston and Westminster. Stay tuned to local media for information on these as they become available.

My job is also to help when the doors of Government Agencies aren’t working as they should. Whether it’s about heating assistance, health care access or needing a Stop Sign replaced after it gets whomped down in a snow storm, I’m glad to help, so feel free to be in touch.
I can be reached by email and phone.
and, you can also call the Statehouse to leave a message at the Sgt-At Arms, office

Enjoy the Holidays and all the best in the New Year.

Mike Mrowicki
Vermont State Representative
Windham 4 District