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“Witness to Genocide: Israel/Palestine: JOURNEY TO PEACE

This is a multimedia performance on the narrative of the Jewish Diaspora, The Palestinian people, and the Israeli occupation of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza) The performance combines stories, music, poetry, photos, and art based on Namaya’s story of living and working in Yemen, Morocco, and his travels through Palestine, Israel, and the Islamic world. Namaya also speaks of his Jewish family’s journey out of Eastern Europe through such stories as “L’Chaim” and of Jewish life during the Diaspora. Namaya said, I tell this story out of necessity. In witnessing the destruction of our Jewish communities through pogroms and the holocaust, having touched the walls of Prague and Budapest with the names of my extended family who perished, and also seeing the present inhumane occupation of Palestine… I am obligated to tell this story and hope to create and opportunity for peace for the children of Israel and Palestine.

Witness to Genocide:Israel/Palestine: A JOURNEY TO PEACE Putney FRIENDS MEETING, Putney, VT. 26 September 2014 7:00 PM.

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